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We are now hiring Summer Fellows! Please pass around the posting and help us build our 2015 fellowship team!

Democracy Works/ TurboVote Summer Fellowship – 2015

At Democracy Works, we believe voting should fit the way we live. To that end, we build technology for both voters and election administrators that simplifies the process and ensures that no voter should ever have to miss an election.

TurboVote, our first service, tracks an individual voter’s elections. We provide all the materials and information they need to get registered, stay registered, and cast a ballot in every election, from municipal to national—and we’ll even mail forms with an addressed, stamped envelope for the local election office. Ballot Scout helps local election administrators track absentee ballots as they travel through the mail, providing transparency in the vote-by-mail process and making it easier to follow up when things go awry. We also work with the Pew Charitable Trusts and Google to ensure that the Voting Information Project’s data is up-to-date and ready from one election to the next.

The Democracy Works partnerships team recruits schools, organizations, and local governments to promote voter engagement through the strategic use of our technology. We help work with over 200 colleges and universities and more than a dozen nonprofit organizations to institutionalize engagement opportunities into their established programs and processes. We are also building partnerships with county clerks across the county to launch the new Ballot Scout program in order to help create transparency in the absentee ballot process.

In 2015, our goals are to invest in these existing partners and find creative ways to help them build more comprehensive programs for voter engagement, and to conduct outreach to potential partners and set the stage for substantial program growth over the next two years. We will also be focused on establishing formal partnerships with local election offices across the country as we build a new program around the Ballot Scout tool.

About the fellowship . . .

In order to accomplish our goals, we’re looking for a team of student leaders to join our organization this summer. Positions on the team will vary – we are looking for a multitalented group who can take on a diversity of tasks in the organization.

All fellows will work together to conduct outreach to new potential partners and help support the work of existing college and universities partners using TurboVote. You will need to be:

  • A problem-solver with a “yes, and” mentality
  • At home in an agile, fast-paced work environment
  • Dedicated to providing top-notch customer/constituent service
  • An excellent oral and written communicator, with phone presence and presentation skills
  • Adept at translating ideas for diverse audiences with varying skill sets and levels of expertise
  • Organized, able to prioritize time effectively and multi-task
  • A “people person”
  • Experience in political organizing, leading an organization, or business development a plus, but not a requirement.

Since this is a startup, our fellows wear lot of hats. Special projects will also be available for fellows with specific skills. Please let us know in your application if you have experience in one of the following areas:

  • Graphic design
  • Writing and editing, media and communications
  • CSS/ website development
  • Salesforce or other CRM management
  • Microsoft Excel

These are full-time PAID positions located in Brooklyn. The fellowship program runs from early June to mid-August. We will begin reviewing applications in the middle of March.

Prospective candidates should send resume and two references to Adrienne Lever at with the subject line “Will intern for democracy” to begin the application process.


While there’s certainly a lot of work left to do, the team at TurboVote is excited to report that we’re really making some solid progress together with partners.

  • Over 3 million students – almost 1% of all americans – attend a campus with an active TurboVote partnership.
  • Over 80,000 of those students have signed up for TurboVote.

Congratulations to all TurboVote campuses on their voter engagement efforts this year! To see more about how top school were able to engage so many voters, check out these two links.

Top 100 2014 Campuses by total voters

  1. Miami Dade College 1593
  2. Brigham Young University 1459
  3. California Polytechnic State University 1422
  4. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1123
  5. Virginia Tech 1075
  6. Stanford University 820
  7. University of Florida 793
  8. Florida State University 733
  9. Arizona State University 683
  10. The University of Chicago 656
  11. Harvard University 643
  12. University of North Georgia 601
  13. Mercer University 563
  14. San Francisco State University 555
  15. Elmhurst College 547
  16. Case Western Reserve University 508
  17. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis 506
  18. St. Petersburg College 506
  19. Elon University 459
  20. Trinity University 459
  21. Towson University 449
  22. Boston College 421
  23. Ivy Tech Community College 418
  24. Illinois State University 415
  25. Christopher Newport University 413
  26. Washington University in St. Louis 413
  27. Middlebury College 411
  28. James Madison University 404
  29. Adventist University of Health Sciences 386
  30. The University of Virginia 375
  31. Brown University 368
  32. University of Texas at Austin 363
  33. University of Nevada, Reno 359
  34. Georgetown University 343
  35. The College of William & Mary 343
  36. Polk State College 341
  37. University of Nebraska Omaha 340
  38. Clayton State University 337
  39. Radford University 333
  40. University of Idaho 327
  41. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Student Senate 324
  42. Georgia Gwinnett College 318
  43. Northeastern University 313
  44. University of Texas at El Paso 308
  45. Broward College 306
  46. West Chester University 292
  47. University of Delaware 287
  48. Salisbury University 280
  49. The Associated Students of Michigan State University 274
  50. Occidental College 274
  51. George Mason University 271
  52. Juniata College 268
  53. Macomb Community College 257
  54. University of Akron 254
  55. Virginia Commonwealth University 249
  56. Hobart and William Smith Colleges 241
  57. SUNY Geneseo 239
  58. Frostburg State University 236
  59. Hillsborough Community College 227
  60. The University of Denver 224
  61. New York University 222
  62. Palm Beach State College 218
  63. Seminole State College 216
  64. Seton Hall University 209
  65. Santa Fe College 209
  66. Boise State University 209
  67. Tallahassee Community College 203
  68. University of Central Oklahoma 202
  69. Missouri State University 199
  70. Clarkson University 197
  71. Fashion Institute of Technology 190
  72. Wheaton College 188
  73. Utah Valley University 187
  74. Saint Mary’s College of California 185
  75. University of California, Irvine 185
  76. Rollins College 184
  77. Kutztown University 183
  78. Kennesaw State University 179
  79. William Paterson University 171
  80. Vassar College 169
  81. Northeastern State University 169
  82. Louisiana State University 153
  83. Daytona State College 144
  84. Florida State College at Jacksonville 128
  85. North Central College 124
  86. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 123
  87. School of the Art Institute of Chicago 121
  88. Longwood University 119
  89. Eastern Florida State College 119
  90. California State University Los Angeles 116
  91. Boston University 116
  92. UNC Charlotte 114
  93. Florida Atlantic University 112
  94. Wesleyan University 112
  95. Stetson University 110
  96. New College of Florida 106
  97. The Ohio State University 106
  98. University of Saint Joseph 103
  99. Roanoke College 102
  100. Indian River State College 101

Top 100 2014 Campuses by percentage

  1. Trinity University 20.45%
  2. Juniata College 16.75%
  3. Middlebury College 16.44%
  4. Elmhurst College 16.09%
  5. Occidental College 12.91%
  6. Adventist University of Health Sciences 12.87%
  7. New College of Florida 12.54%
  8. Mercer University 12.51%
  9. The University of Chicago 12.15%
  10. Case Western Reserve University 12.1%
  11. Marlboro College 11.91%
  12. Wheaton College 11.75%
  13. Stanford University 11.71%
  14. Hobart and William Smith Colleges 11.48%
  15. University of North Georgia 11.13%
  16. Olin College 9.21%
  17. Harvard University 8.93%
  18. Christopher Newport University 8.26%
  19. Elon University 7.65%
  20. Rollins College 7.36%
  21. California Polytechnic State University 7.22%
  22. Vassar College 7.04%
  23. Saint Mary’s College of California 6.61%
  24. Clarkson University 6.35%
  25. Dominican University of California 5.94%
  26. Richard Bland College of William & Mary 5.68%
  27. Washington University in St. Louis 5.66%
  28. Brigham Young University 5.21%
  29. Sewanee: The University of the South 5.07%
  30. Roanoke College 4.86%
  31. Clayton State University 4.81%
  32. SUNY Geneseo 4.78%
  33. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 4.68%
  34. Boston College 4.68%
  35. North Central College 4.59%
  36. Frostburg State University 4.53%
  37. Virginia Tech 4.5%
  38. Bowdoin College 4.44%
  39. University of Saint Joseph 4.43%
  40. Stetson University 4.4%
  41. The University of Denver 4.39%
  42. Goucher College 4.32%
  43. Brown University 4.27%
  44. Warren Wilson College 4.24%
  45. Wheelock College 4.22%
  46. The College of William & Mary 4.13%
  47. Radford University 3.96%
  48. Seton Hall University 3.94%
  49. Chatham University 3.87%
  50. School of the Art Institute of Chicago 3.73%
  51. Friends University 3.65%
  52. Palm Beach Atlantic University 3.56%
  53. Peru State College 3.53%
  54. University of Idaho 3.5%
  55. Salisbury University 3.5%
  56. Ferrum College 3.47%
  57. Wesleyan University 3.43%
  58. Wellesley College 3.26%
  59. Georgia Gwinnett College 3.24%
  60. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Student Senate 3.09%
  61. Fashion Institute of Technology 2.92%
  62. Hastings College 2.92%
  63. Longwood University 2.9%
  64. Marygrove College 2.76%
  65. The University of Virginia 2.57%
  66. West Chester University 2.43%
  67. University of Florida 2.42%
  68. Pomona College 2.38%
  69. Florida State University 2.36%
  70. Ringling College 2.36%
  71. Illinois State University 2.31%
  72. Penn State Brandywine 2.29%
  73. University of Nebraska Omaha 2.27%
  74. Castleton State College 2.19%
  75. Lynn University 2.19%
  76. San Francisco State University 2.13%
  77. Towson University 2.04%
  78. James Madison University 2.03%
  79. Georgetown University 2.02%
  80. Barry University 2.%
  81. Kutztown University 1.99%
  82. University of Nevada, Reno 1.88%
  83. Northeastern University 1.84%
  84. University of Delaware 1.77%
  85. William Paterson University 1.71%
  86. Polk State College 1.71%
  87. Northeastern State University 1.69%
  88. Miami Dade College 1.69%
  89. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis 1.66%
  90. St. Anselm College 1.65%
  91. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 1.64%
  92. University of Texas at El Paso 1.62%
  93. Norfolk State University 1.56%
  94. Texas A&M University-Central Texas 1.53%
  95. The University of Mary Washington 1.5%
  96. Creighton University 1.5%
  97. Ramapo College 1.47%
  98. University of Central Oklahoma 1.35%
  99. Florida Keys Community College 1.21%
  100. Santa Fe College 1.2%

Top 100 Campuses all time by total voters

  1. Miami Dade College 4268
  2. University of Florida 4242
  3. Harvard University 3057
  4. University of Akron 2184
  5. The University of Chicago 1976
  6. Elon University 1867
  7. Columbia University 1651
  8. University of Central Florida 1605
  9. Virginia Tech 1478
  10. Kutztown University 1471
  11. Brigham Young University 1459
  12. California Polytechnic State University 1422
  13. Towson University 1368
  14. Georgetown University 1308
  15. University of North Georgia 1256
  16. UNC Charlotte 1149
  17. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1123
  18. Hobart and William Smith Colleges 1088
  19. Vassar College 978
  20. Florida International University 870
  21. Florida Atlantic University 865
  22. Rollins College 822
  23. Stanford University 820
  24. Wake Tech Community College 804
  25. Juniata College 797
  26. The University of Miami 776
  27. Tallahassee Community College 743
  28. Florida State University 733
  29. The University of Virginia 724
  30. Christopher Newport University 710
  31. Mercer University 563
  32. American University 559
  33. San Francisco State University 555
  34. Elmhurst College 547
  35. James Madison University 544
  36. The College of William & Mary 535
  37. Radford University 534
  38. Virginia Commonwealth University 511
  39. Case Western Reserve University 508
  40. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis 506
  41. St. Petersburg College 506
  42. Fort Hays State University 490
  43. The University of Kentucky 487
  44. Stetson University 460
  45. Trinity University 459
  46. Rutgers University Student Assembly 456
  47. Arizona State University 448
  48. The University of Denver 433
  49. Boston College 421
  50. Ivy Tech Community College 418
  51. Illinois State University 415
  52. Pomona College 413
  53. Washington University in St. Louis 413
  54. Middlebury College 411
  55. Adventist University of Health Sciences 386
  56. Longwood University 371
  57. Brown University 368
  58. University of Texas at Austin 363
  59. University of Nevada, Reno 359
  60. Hendrix College 352
  61. Wayne State University 351
  62. Polk State College 341
  63. University of Nebraska Omaha 340
  64. Clayton State University 337
  65. The Associated Students of Michigan State University 331
  66. St. Anselm College 330
  67. University of Idaho 327
  68. San José State University 325
  69. Dominican University of California 324
  70. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Student Senate 324
  71. Centre College 319
  72. Georgia Gwinnett College 318
  73. Northeastern University 313
  74. University of Texas at El Paso 308
  75. Broward College 306
  76. George Mason University 303
  77. West Chester University 292
  78. University of Delaware 287
  79. Salisbury University 280
  80. Occidental College 274
  81. California State University – San Bernardino 271
  82. Macomb Community College 257
  83. SUNY Geneseo 239
  84. Gallaudet University 236
  85. Frostburg State University 236
  86. Hillsborough Community College 227
  87. The University of Mary Washington 223
  88. New York University 222
  89. William Paterson University 218
  90. Palm Beach State College 218
  91. Seminole State College 216
  92. Bowdoin College 210
  93. Seton Hall University 209
  94. Santa Fe College 209
  95. Boise State University 209
  96. University of Central Oklahoma 202
  97. Missouri State University 199
  98. Clarkson University 197
  99. Birmingham Southern College 196
  100. Simpson College 195

Top 100 Campuses all time by percentage

  1. Hobart and William Smith Colleges 51.81%
  2. Juniata College 49.81%
  3. The Institute of Politics at Harvard University 42.46%
  4. Vassar College 40.75%
  5. The University of Chicago 36.59%
  6. Rollins College 32.88%
  7. Elon University 31.12%
  8. Pomona College 25.81%
  9. Hendrix College 23.47%
  10. University of North Georgia 23.26%
  11. Centre College 22.79%
  12. Columbia University 20.9%
  13. Trinity University 20.45%
  14. Dominican University of California 20.25%
  15. Stetson University 18.4%
  16. St. Anselm College 16.5%
  17. Middlebury College 16.44%
  18. Elmhurst College 16.09%
  19. Kutztown University 15.99%
  20. Birmingham Southern College 15.08%
  21. Christopher Newport University 14.2%
  22. Simpson College 13.%
  23. University of Florida 12.94%
  24. Occidental College 12.91%
  25. Adventist University of Health Sciences 12.87%
  26. Gallaudet University 12.59%
  27. New College of Florida 12.54%
  28. Mercer University 12.51%
  29. Case Western Reserve University 12.1%
  30. Marlboro College 11.91%
  31. Wheaton College 11.75%
  32. Stanford University 11.71%
  33. Bowdoin College 11.67%
  34. Ringling College 10.86%
  35. Marygrove College 10.%
  36. Bates College 10.%
  37. Olin College 9.21%
  38. Longwood University 9.05%
  39. University of Akron 8.88%
  40. Roanoke College 8.81%
  41. The University of Denver 8.49%
  42. American University 7.76%
  43. Georgetown University 7.69%
  44. The University of Miami 7.46%
  45. California Polytechnic State University 7.22%
  46. Association of Amherst Students 7.06%
  47. The University of Puget Sound 6.92%
  48. Saint Mary’s College of California 6.61%
  49. The College of William & Mary 6.45%
  50. Radford University 6.36%
  51. Clarkson University 6.35%
  52. Albright College 6.3%
  53. Towson University 6.22%
  54. Virginia Tech 6.18%
  55. Knox College 6.14%
  56. San Jose State University 6.13%
  57. Richard Bland College of William & Mary 5.68%
  58. Washington University in St. Louis 5.66%
  59. UNC Charlotte 5.42%
  60. Brigham Young University 5.21%
  61. Sewanee: The University of the South 5.07%
  62. The University of Mary Washington 5.07%
  63. The University of Virginia 4.96%
  64. Clayton State University 4.81%
  65. SUNY Geneseo 4.78%
  66. Fort Hays State University 4.76%
  67. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 4.68%
  68. Boston College 4.68%
  69. North Central College 4.59%
  70. Frostburg State University 4.53%
  71. Miami Dade College 4.48%
  72. University of Saint Joseph 4.43%
  73. Goucher College 4.32%
  74. Brown University 4.27%
  75. Warren Wilson College 4.24%
  76. Wheelock College 4.22%
  77. Tallahassee Community College 4.2%
  78. Seton Hall University 3.94%
  79. Chatham University 3.87%
  80. School of the Art Institute of Chicago 3.73%
  81. Friends University 3.65%
  82. Palm Beach Atlantic University 3.56%
  83. Peru State College 3.53%
  84. University of Idaho 3.5%
  85. Salisbury University 3.5%
  86. Ferrum College 3.47%
  87. Wesleyan University 3.43%
  88. North Florida Community College 3.31%
  89. Florida Atlantic University 3.26%
  90. Wellesley College 3.26%
  91. Georgia Gwinnett College 3.24%
  92. University of Central Florida 3.15%
  93. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 3.09%
  94. Ramapo College 2.95%
  95. Fashion Institute of Technology 2.92%
  96. Hastings College 2.92%
  97. James Madison University 2.73%
  98. West Chester University 2.43%
  99. The University of Kentucky 2.42%
  100. Florida International University 2.42%

Today is Constitution Day, and we’re celebrating the fact that more than 200 colleges and universities now promote TurboVote as an integral part of their students’ civic education. These partners are institutionalizing voter engagement on their campuses and working to provide their students with all the materials and information they need, for every election. How better to commemorate the Constitution’s 225th anniversary?

This dedication to supporting students’ civic participation spans all corners of higher education. Our partners include both Marlboro College’s 235 students in Vermont’s Green Mountains and Ivy Tech Community College’s 31 campuses across the state of Indiana. On a map, they span from the University of Puget Sound to the Florida Keys Community College.

US map showing TurboVote partners

Half of these institutions are implementing TurboVote as part of our collaboration with NASPA and AASCU, two of the largest leadership networks in higher education. Their participation helps create stronger connections between TurboVote schools, and supports even better implementation practices across all our partners. It’s not just individual schools, it’s a community building the future of campus civic engagement.

They’re already hard at work
In the past three weeks, these partners have already signed more than 10,000 students up for TurboVote. Our top implementers so far this fall are Harvard, Elmhurst College, Miami Dade College, the University of Florida and the University of Chicago, but there’s still plenty of time for our other partners to catch up as major registration events kick off this week and next.

And we’re not done yet
Next Tuesday, Democracy Works and our TurboVote partners will celebrate National Voter Registration Day alongside more than a thousand community organizations, schools, and the National Association of Secretaries of State. Now in its third year, National Voter Registration Day is a recognized holiday for civic engagement. If you’d like to celebrate with us, send your friends to TurboVote on Tuesday, and join the conversation on the #CelebrateNVRD hashtag!

We are so impressed! Our incredible Summer Associate, Leslie Glotzer, just finished reaching out to our partner schools across the country to help support their implementation efforts. Now after hundreds of calls and emails, she has a few words of wisdom to share about TurboVote implementation. . .

My name is Leslie and I am a summer associate here at TurboVote. I have had the exciting task of reaching out to all of our partners over the last several weeks to learn about implementation plans for the fall. It has been wonderful to connect with many of our amazing implementers and and I can’t wait to see their creative plans come to fruition. NOTE: If your school hasn’t received a call from me, we may be missing important contact information. Please update our contact database and I’ll be sure to reach out shortly. 

Now that I’ve reached out to most of our partners, I thought I’d share some key take-aways from my outreach. For answers to other questions about implementation, please see our new FAQs for students and implementers

1) Teamwork! The best TurboVote programs come together when school administrators and student leaders work in partnership. School administrators have access to college and university resources, while student leaders often have the best ideas for how to share the word with their peers. 

2) Imitation is the best form of flattery. I’ve been sharing a lot of our “best practices” for implementation, as well as our full implementation archive with over 100 ideas so that our partners can learn from their peers. Our partners can also look up examples of success stories in their region by checking out the gold stars our partnerships map!
3) Bragging about success. TurboVote loves highlighting the success of our partners. If your school has a great idea, we want to hear about it! If you sign up a lot of students, we want to hear how you did it! Share your story here
4) More time spent doesn’t always equal greater results. Sitting outside in the sun for hours with laptops, doesn’t always result in a successful program. Nor does canvassing the entire campus with flyers. Always start with your checklist:

  • Have I sent out a school-wide email?
  • Have I made use of high-traffic opportunities such as freshman orientation, class registration, or sporting events?
  • Have I placed a TurboVote widget on my school’s website and/or intranet page? 

I’ve had a blast working at TurboVote this summer, but I have a little secret to share: I’m in your shoes too! As I head back to school at the University of Chicago, I will be leading the TurboVote implementation on my campus. Even while still working at TurboVote HQ, I have been coordinating with my fellow students back home make sure that we get a school-wide sent out this week. – Leslie
Learn more about TurboVote’s associates program on our blog. If you are interested in hearing about internship opportunities with TurboVote for next summer, add your name to the contact list here.

Title: Data Fellow, Voting Information Project

At Democracy Works, we believe that voting should fit the way we live. To that end, we’ve joined forces with The Pew Charitable Trusts as the data and technology contractor for the Voting Information Project (VIP), a collaboration between Pew and Google to provide every voter with access to standardized information about where and how to vote–data that powers everything from Google’s Voter Information Tool to our own text message and email reminders to TurboVote’s users.

As national mid-term elections approach, we’re recruiting a cohort of data fellows to join our team in the herculean task of collecting, parsing, and assuring the quality of a nation’s worth of election data by November. This is a full-time, paid position running from the start of September through just after Election Day.

As a data fellow for VIP, you’ll:

  • Support an open government dataset that received 25 million hits in 2012
  • Collect, review, reformat, and generally wrangle the thorniest of elections data
  • Apply (and maintain) parsers, quality assurance checkers, and data management scripts

You are:

  • Obsessively attentive to detail
  • Creative, in the way that recognizes the artistry of a well-wrought Excel macro
  • Capable of staying focused in a high-energy environment
  • Passionate about civic tech, open data, and government 2.0

You have experience:

  • Handling large, complex datasets using some combination of Excel, SQL, and Ruby/Python (or similar)
  • (Preferably) in politics or government
  • Working on highly collaborative teams

This is a full-time, competitively-paid position running through the week of the election. We’re based in Brooklyn, NY and Denver, CO, and we’ll take on fellows at either office.

To apply, send a resume and pithy introduction to Paul and Noma at with the subject “Will wrangle data for democracy.”

We are building an awesome, diverse team, so we strongly encourage applicants of all races, colors, political party associations, religions (or lack thereof), national origins, sexual orientations, genders, sexes, ages, abilities, and branches of military service. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about our commitment to diversity or about general hiring practices.

Last Tuesday, our Denver and Kansas staff descended on Brooklyn for a week of planning, collaboration, and fun. We also took the opportunity to get our first team photo… ever?

Democracy Works staff portrait

I’m excited to announce some big news! Thanks to a $150,000 grant from the Rita Allen Foundation, we’re working with two national higher education networks to bring TurboVote to 100 new college and university partners this year.

NASPA and AASCU Partner with TurboVote

Our partnership with two of the giants in higher education, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA), will set a new standard for voter engagement in U.S. higher education. AASCU’s and NASPA’s support for our work sends an important message that democratic engagement should be a part of every student’s college experience. Check out the official press release about our partnership!

Keeping students engaged in EVERY election

This initiative could not have come at a better time. With midterm elections fast approaching, we are reminded of a key challenge in student voting: participation drops significantly in non-presidential years. While nearly two-thirds of college students voted in November 2012, only 27% did so in 2010. And turnout drops even lower in primary and municipal elections.

Studies suggest that these voting inconsistencies are tied to a lack of easy access to information. 66% of students who did not vote in 2010 missed the election for logistical reasons, according to a CIRCLE study. Some were away, some forgot. Only 12% reported that they missed the election because they were uninterested.

NASPA and AASCU have a proven record of promoting civic engagement in higher education, and their leadership will make it even easier for their member institutions to provide students with the materials and information they need to vote. This means that together, we can can increase—and maintain—voter participation on campus, even in midterms and local elections.

Supporting our growth

More than 90 schools have already signed on to be TurboVote partners in 2014. This puts us far ahead of where we were two years ago—at this point in 2012, only four schools were using TurboVote! Over 18 new institutions have already officially joined us through the NASPA and AASCU partnership alone.

It’s a lot of new growth, and we are expecting a lot more over the next six months. So I’m excited to introduce you to Adrienne Lever, who joined our team in January as Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships. She couldn’t have joined us at a better time—there’s nothing more valuable than getting powerful reinforcements as we prepare for our biggest year yet!

Help us reach more schools! Informational webinar tomorrow at 2pm!

We still have a lot of work to do to hit our goals and we need your help to spread the word. So please take a look at the list of TurboVote partners below. Do you know someone at an institution that is not yet using TurboVote? If so, please forward this email and invite them to join one of our informational webinars. These webinars are free and open to the public.

TurboVote Informational Webinar

Thursday, April 10, 2014 @ 2pm EDT OR Friday, April 25th, 2014 @ 2pm EDT


With your help, we can ensure that students across the country participate in the elections this year and that institutions are supporting habits that will lead to life-long civic engagement.

Thank you for being a part of this effort! And happy voting!

The complete list of TurboVote Partner Campuses

Albright College
Alvernia University
American University
Arizona State University
Bates College
Bowdoin College
Centre College
Chatham University
Christopher Newport University
Colby College
Colgate College
College of the Holy Cross
College of William and Mary
Columbia University
Community College of Allegheny County
Dominican University of California
Eastern Michigan University
Elon University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida State College at Jacksonville
Fort Hays State University
Franklin College
Frostburg State University
Gallaudet University
George Mason University
Harvard University
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Illinois State University
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
James Madison University
Juniata College
Kutztown University
Longwood University
Lynn University
Marygrove College
Mercer University
Miami Dade college
Michigan State University
Missouri State University
Norfolk State University
Northeastern Illinois University
Northern Kentucky University
Oakland University
Occidental College
Old Dominion University
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Pomona College
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Ramapo College
Roanoke College
Rollins College
Rowan University
Rutgers University
Saginaw Valley State University
Saint Anselm College
Santa Fe College
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Seton Hall University
Simpson College
Stanford University
Stetson University
Tallahassee Community College
Texas A&M International University
Texas A&M University – Central Texas
The College at Brockport (SUNY)
Towson University
University of Akron
University of Arizona
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