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We are now hiring Summer Fellows! Please pass around the posting and help us build our 2015 fellowship team!

Democracy Works/ TurboVote Summer Fellowship – 2015

At Democracy Works, we believe voting should fit the way we live. To that end, we build technology for both voters and election administrators that simplifies the process and ensures that no voter should ever have to miss an election.

TurboVote, our first service, tracks an individual voter’s elections. We provide all the materials and information they need to get registered, stay registered, and cast a ballot in every election, from municipal to national—and we’ll even mail forms with an addressed, stamped envelope for the local election office. Ballot Scout helps local election administrators track absentee ballots as they travel through the mail, providing transparency in the vote-by-mail process and making it easier to follow up when things go awry. We also work with the Pew Charitable Trusts and Google to ensure that the Voting Information Project’s data is up-to-date and ready from one election to the next.

The Democracy Works partnerships team recruits schools, organizations, and local governments to promote voter engagement through the strategic use of our technology. We help work with over 200 colleges and universities and more than a dozen nonprofit organizations to institutionalize engagement opportunities into their established programs and processes. We are also building partnerships with county clerks across the county to launch the new Ballot Scout program in order to help create transparency in the absentee ballot process.

In 2015, our goals are to invest in these existing partners and find creative ways to help them build more comprehensive programs for voter engagement, and to conduct outreach to potential partners and set the stage for substantial program growth over the next two years. We will also be focused on establishing formal partnerships with local election offices across the country as we build a new program around the Ballot Scout tool.

About the fellowship . . .

In order to accomplish our goals, we’re looking for a team of student leaders to join our organization this summer. Positions on the team will vary – we are looking for a multitalented group who can take on a diversity of tasks in the organization.

All fellows will work together to conduct outreach to new potential partners and help support the work of existing college and universities partners using TurboVote. You will need to be:

  • A problem-solver with a “yes, and” mentality
  • At home in an agile, fast-paced work environment
  • Dedicated to providing top-notch customer/constituent service
  • An excellent oral and written communicator, with phone presence and presentation skills
  • Adept at translating ideas for diverse audiences with varying skill sets and levels of expertise
  • Organized, able to prioritize time effectively and multi-task
  • A “people person”
  • Experience in political organizing, leading an organization, or business development a plus, but not a requirement.

Since this is a startup, our fellows wear lot of hats. Special projects will also be available for fellows with specific skills. Please let us know in your application if you have experience in one of the following areas:

  • Graphic design
  • Writing and editing, media and communications
  • CSS/ website development
  • Salesforce or other CRM management
  • Microsoft Excel

These are full-time PAID positions located in Brooklyn. The fellowship program runs from early June to mid-August. We will begin reviewing applications in the middle of March.

Prospective candidates should send resume and two references to Adrienne Lever at with the subject line “Will intern for democracy” to begin the application process.


Here is our updated leaderboard of top 50 TurboVote campuses this week. These rankings reflect the top performing colleges and universities out of the over 200 TurboVote campuses nationwide. We are so excited by the incredible progress that we are seeing across the country!

If you have any questions about your school’s numbers, please contact us at

Brigham Young University 1365
Miami Dade College 1048
University of Florida 744
Florida State University 632
University of Chicago 624
Harvard University 611
University of North Georgia 573
California Polytechnic State University 550
Elmhurst College 538
Mercer University 527
Arizona State University 505
Case Western Reserve University 500
Stanford University 444
Towson University 437
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis 432
St. Petersburg College 425
Illinois State University 406
Virginia Tech 400
Boston College 399
Adventist University of Health Sciences 386
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 380
Ivy Tech Community College 376
Washington University in St. Louis 372
Elon University 366
Brown University 363
Middlebury College 356
Georgetown University 342
University of Nevada, Reno 329
The College of William & Mary 319
University of Texas at Austin 311
Polk State College 293
Northeastern University 289
University of Idaho 284
The University of Virginia 279
Christopher Newport University 277
West Chester University 277
Michigan State University 263
Juniata College 260
Clayton State University 257
Broward College 256
George Mason University 255
San Francisco State University 253
Macomb Community College 249
Georgia Gwinnett College 246
University of Akron 244
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 242
SUNY Geneseo 237
Trinity University 233
Hobart and William Smith Colleges 225
University of Texas at El Paso 219

Hosted with help from our friends at AASCU, we held several exciting webinars in recent weeks. During these webinars, our college and university partners came together to share implementation strategies for promoting civic engagement on campus with TurboVote.

Many thanks to our partners who joined these conversations and shared the secrets to their success! It was inspiring to hear all of the amazing stories of TurboVote implementation across the country.

You can view the 44 minute recording of one of the recent “success story” webinars here:

To sign up for an upcoming webinar, please contact us at

We are so impressed! Our incredible Summer Associate, Leslie Glotzer, just finished reaching out to our partner schools across the country to help support their implementation efforts. Now after hundreds of calls and emails, she has a few words of wisdom to share about TurboVote implementation. . .

My name is Leslie and I am a summer associate here at TurboVote. I have had the exciting task of reaching out to all of our partners over the last several weeks to learn about implementation plans for the fall. It has been wonderful to connect with many of our amazing implementers and and I can’t wait to see their creative plans come to fruition. NOTE: If your school hasn’t received a call from me, we may be missing important contact information. Please update our contact database and I’ll be sure to reach out shortly. 

Now that I’ve reached out to most of our partners, I thought I’d share some key take-aways from my outreach. For answers to other questions about implementation, please see our new FAQs for students and implementers

1) Teamwork! The best TurboVote programs come together when school administrators and student leaders work in partnership. School administrators have access to college and university resources, while student leaders often have the best ideas for how to share the word with their peers. 

2) Imitation is the best form of flattery. I’ve been sharing a lot of our “best practices” for implementation, as well as our full implementation archive with over 100 ideas so that our partners can learn from their peers. Our partners can also look up examples of success stories in their region by checking out the gold stars our partnerships map!
3) Bragging about success. TurboVote loves highlighting the success of our partners. If your school has a great idea, we want to hear about it! If you sign up a lot of students, we want to hear how you did it! Share your story here
4) More time spent doesn’t always equal greater results. Sitting outside in the sun for hours with laptops, doesn’t always result in a successful program. Nor does canvassing the entire campus with flyers. Always start with your checklist:

  • Have I sent out a school-wide email?
  • Have I made use of high-traffic opportunities such as freshman orientation, class registration, or sporting events?
  • Have I placed a TurboVote widget on my school’s website and/or intranet page? 

I’ve had a blast working at TurboVote this summer, but I have a little secret to share: I’m in your shoes too! As I head back to school at the University of Chicago, I will be leading the TurboVote implementation on my campus. Even while still working at TurboVote HQ, I have been coordinating with my fellow students back home make sure that we get a school-wide sent out this week. – Leslie
Learn more about TurboVote’s associates program on our blog. If you are interested in hearing about internship opportunities with TurboVote for next summer, add your name to the contact list here.

TurboVote partner implementers have access to an administrative dashboard that allows helps them to analyze the impact of their efforts, follow up with users who sign up through their site, and track other important data.

The dashboard provides tools like a graph showing user sign-ups over time, key demographic breakdowns on site users, the ability to create tracking links for different tactics or campaigns, and access to user data.

We’ve published a complete user guide to the administrative dashboard for our partners, so they can take full advantage of these tools to design and monitor their voter engagement campaigns.

Read the complete Administrative Dashboard User Guide.

Big news today here at TurboVote. We are excited to announce a new partnership with two national higher education associations that will help us reach 100 new colleges and universities this year! Check out our press release below:
AASCU Contact: Jennifer Walpole, (202) 478-4665
NASPA Contact: Kristal Griffith, (202) 719-1177
TurboVote Contact: Adrienne Lever, (202) 321-5796


Washington, DC — Today, two of the nation’s leading higher education associations—the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA)— announced a partnership with TurboVote. Through this partnership, TurboVote, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, will bring its innovative “one-stop-shop” voter engagement platform to students at college and university campuses across the country.

Made possible by a grant from the Rita Allen Foundation, this partnership will support AASCU and NASPA member institutions in their on-campus voter outreach efforts, help them promote civic learning and foster habits that will lead to life-long civic engagement.

“TurboVote’s platform represents an important and innovative piece of the effort to increase civic literacy and engagement through digital technology,” said Elizabeth Good Christopherson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rita Allen Foundation. “In partnering with NASPA, AASCU, TurboVote will vastly increase access to a key voting demographic while making significant improvements in voter engagement efforts at colleges and universities across the country.”

TurboVote’s platform helps colleges and universities meet federal mandates that require institutions provide students with voter registration information. With help from NASPA and AASCU, TurboVote hopes to support institutions in meeting these mandates and set a new standard for voter engagement in higher education.

“This partnership sends an important message to institutional leaders that democratic engagement should be a part of every student’s college education,” said George Mehaffy, AASCU’s Vice President for Academic Leadership and Change.

NASPA and AASCU’s access to key players in higher education will help TurboVote integrate its platform into established systems and student interactions. TurboVote’s tool makes it possible to conduct voter engagement without collecting or submitting a single form. Simply by sharing a link, schools can embed voter engagement into existing processes such as freshman orientation and class registration.

“NASPA members have a unique opportunity to promote democratic engagement across the many channels of the co-curriculum,” says NASPA President Kevin Kruger. “We are excited to add TurboVote to the tools used to educate students for citizenship both inside and outside the classroom.”

With help from AASCU and NASPA, TurboVote — already working with over 80 campuses across the country—will expand its reach to at least 100 new colleges and universities this year, with the hope that this effort will yield an additional 110,000 new users each year, starting in 2014.

12 institutions have already signed on to launch the service under the AASCU/NASPA partnership.


AASCU is a Washington-based higher education association of more than 400 public colleges, universities and systems whose members share a learning- and teaching-centered culture, a historic commitment to underserved student populations and a dedication to research and creativity that advances their regions’ economic progress and cultural development.

NASPA is the leading association for the advancement, health, and sustainability of the student affairs profession. Our work provides high-quality professional development, advocacy, and research for 14,000 members in all 50 states, 25 countries, and 8 U.S. territories.

TurboVote is a project of Democracy Works, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Brooklyn, N.Y., that is passionate about building the democracy of the future. TurboVote is a service that makes voting easy. When students sign up, TurboVote keeps track of all their elections—local, state and national. If students wish to register, update their addresses or request absentee ballots, TurboVote sends them all the forms and information they need with pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes. For every election, TurboVote sends text message and email reminders to all users with important election information, dates and deadlines, to ensure that they never miss another election.


Alvernia University: Joseph J. Cicala, (601)

Arizona State University: William Valencia, (480)

Chatham University: Dana Brown, (412)

Florida State College at Jacksonville: Jill Johnson, (904)

Illinois State University: Noha Shawki, (309)

Missouri State University: Michael Stout, (417)

Northeastern Illinois University: Dana Navarro, (773)

Stanford University: Colleen Coffey, (650)

Texas A&M University-Central Texas: Morgan Lewing, (254)

The College at Brockport: State University of New York: Karen Podsiadly, (585) 395-2211,

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Linda Major, (402) 472-3755,

University of Nebraska-Kearney: Joseph Oravecz, (308) 865-8528,