Happy Election Day! We like to celebrate voting, so here’s some good news to go with casting your ballot.

But first, let me ask – have you voted yet? If not, make sure you cast your ballot today! You can find polling place and ballot info at turbovote.org/election-day.

Now, here are a few exciting updates from our work this cycle:

  • This October, TurboVote passed a milestone with over a quarter of a million voters served.
  • Nationwide, we’re now working with more than 200 colleges and universities to make civic participation a core element of the student experience.
  • USA Today and the National Journal covered our campus voter engagement work.
  • Our Voting Information Project (VIP) team successfully collected and standardized polling place information for all 50 states and DC. Today, that data is live on Google, Facebook, and WordPress, where we expect that tens of millions of voters will see it.

Today also marks the first day of our 2015 operations. In order to continue growing and improving, we’re recruiting six more people across the organization:

  • A Business Development Lead to identify and recruit new college and university partners for TurboVote.
  • A Government Outreach Lead to champion our work with local election officials.
  • A Partner Support Lead to build out implementation materials, provide hands-on trainings, and develop new and better features for our partner colleges and universities.
  • A Director of Communications to improve how we connect with our voters, partners, friends, and the public.
  • And two Software Developers to help us build a service-oriented, Clojure-powered platform capable of powering an ecosystem of voter engagement tools.

We hope that you’ll help us find exactly the right candidates for each of these, so please pass them on!

Expanding the team and getting through another major election always makes me reflect back on how far we’ve come in the past three years with your support. It’s incredible, but it’s even more exciting to remember that this is still only the beginning!