Today is Constitution Day, and we’re celebrating the fact that more than 200 colleges and universities now promote TurboVote as an integral part of their students’ civic education. These partners are institutionalizing voter engagement on their campuses and working to provide their students with all the materials and information they need, for every election. How better to commemorate the Constitution’s 225th anniversary?

This dedication to supporting students’ civic participation spans all corners of higher education. Our partners include both Marlboro College’s 235 students in Vermont’s Green Mountains and Ivy Tech Community College’s 31 campuses across the state of Indiana. On a map, they span from the University of Puget Sound to the Florida Keys Community College.

US map showing TurboVote partners

Half of these institutions are implementing TurboVote as part of our collaboration with NASPA and AASCU, two of the largest leadership networks in higher education. Their participation helps create stronger connections between TurboVote schools, and supports even better implementation practices across all our partners. It’s not just individual schools, it’s a community building the future of campus civic engagement.

They’re already hard at work
In the past three weeks, these partners have already signed more than 10,000 students up for TurboVote. Our top implementers so far this fall are Harvard, Elmhurst College, Miami Dade College, the University of Florida and the University of Chicago, but there’s still plenty of time for our other partners to catch up as major registration events kick off this week and next.

And we’re not done yet
Next Tuesday, Democracy Works and our TurboVote partners will celebrate National Voter Registration Day alongside more than a thousand community organizations, schools, and the National Association of Secretaries of State. Now in its third year, National Voter Registration Day is a recognized holiday for civic engagement. If you’d like to celebrate with us, send your friends to TurboVote on Tuesday, and join the conversation on the #CelebrateNVRD hashtag!