Starting today, California voters can now sign up for TurboVote and register to vote online in a single, seamless process that brings us one giant step closer to the future of voter engagement.

This is possible because California built a system that lets us automatically forward users’ data to the state’s online voter registration site. Everything a new user types into TurboVote gets passed along, so when they reach the California system, they only need to review their information, add an ID number, and click submit, instead of re-entering basic data on both sites.

A few saved keystrokes may not seem like much, but by removing all that duplicate data entry we halve the time it takes to register online and sign up for TurboVote’s lifelong election reminders. Imagine thumb-typing everything on your phone (like many of our users do), and you begin to understand how much California’s new system improves voters’ lives. And what’s more, technology like this makes it much simpler for online groups to nudge their members to register.

So, if you have friends in California who aren’t TurboVoters yet, tell them to sign up today. And if your state is one of the 19 others that offer online voter registration, well, stay tuned—we hope that California’s lead will inspire many more election offices to follow.