We are so impressed! Our incredible Summer Associate, Leslie Glotzer, just finished reaching out to our partner schools across the country to help support their implementation efforts. Now after hundreds of calls and emails, she has a few words of wisdom to share about TurboVote implementation. . .

My name is Leslie and I am a summer associate here at TurboVote. I have had the exciting task of reaching out to all of our partners over the last several weeks to learn about implementation plans for the fall. It has been wonderful to connect with many of our amazing implementers and and I can’t wait to see their creative plans come to fruition. NOTE: If your school hasn’t received a call from me, we may be missing important contact information. Please update our contact database and I’ll be sure to reach out shortly. 

Now that I’ve reached out to most of our partners, I thought I’d share some key take-aways from my outreach. For answers to other questions about implementation, please see our new FAQs for students and implementers

1) Teamwork! The best TurboVote programs come together when school administrators and student leaders work in partnership. School administrators have access to college and university resources, while student leaders often have the best ideas for how to share the word with their peers. 

2) Imitation is the best form of flattery. I’ve been sharing a lot of our “best practices” for implementation, as well as our full implementation archive with over 100 ideas so that our partners can learn from their peers. Our partners can also look up examples of success stories in their region by checking out the gold stars our partnerships map!
3) Bragging about success. TurboVote loves highlighting the success of our partners. If your school has a great idea, we want to hear about it! If you sign up a lot of students, we want to hear how you did it! Share your story here
4) More time spent doesn’t always equal greater results. Sitting outside in the sun for hours with laptops, doesn’t always result in a successful program. Nor does canvassing the entire campus with flyers. Always start with your checklist:

  • Have I sent out a school-wide email?
  • Have I made use of high-traffic opportunities such as freshman orientation, class registration, or sporting events?
  • Have I placed a TurboVote widget on my school’s website and/or intranet page? 

I’ve had a blast working at TurboVote this summer, but I have a little secret to share: I’m in your shoes too! As I head back to school at the University of Chicago, I will be leading the TurboVote implementation on my campus. Even while still working at TurboVote HQ, I have been coordinating with my fellow students back home make sure that we get a school-wide sent out this week. – Leslie
Learn more about TurboVote’s associates program on our blog. If you are interested in hearing about internship opportunities with TurboVote for next summer, add your name to the contact list here.