It’s an awesome day—in addition to elections all across the country, I get to share three major announcements with you! Get all the details:

We’re joining VIP!

Voters are Very Important People—which is why the Pew Charitable Trusts and Google teamed up in 2008 to create the Voting Information Project to ensure that voters can easily find their polling places and other important election information. In 2012, this information was searched 25 million times.

We’re joining the VIP team to collect this information from state election officials and standardize it into a national dataset, which means that we’ll be building and maintaining a dataset of every polling place in the United States, the mapping information to tell (nearly) every American where to vote, and other useful election details. It’s an amazing project, and we can’t wait to conquer ALL the voting data! contribute.

A promising future in government

After trekking from Denver, CO to Brattleboro, VT, taking (and reviewing) hundreds of pages of interview notes, sketching dozens of process diagrams, and consuming approximately 1,700 Post-It Notes, our research team concluded an amazing research dive into local election administration. What we found was surprising and wonderful: election administrators are dedicated public servants already experimenting and innovating to serve their voters–even despite working in a zero-fault-tolerance environment, with perpetually tight budgets.

Our research turned up dozens of good ideas for tools and services that could help election offices better serve their voters. Narrowing that list was difficult, but I’m super excited to announce that we’ll be building ballot-tracking tools using USPS intelligent mail barcodes, so election officials can monitor every ballot they send, every step of the way. And we’ll be able to let voters track their ballots too, increasing confidence in the vote-by-mail process and reducing calls about delayed or missing ballots.

Growth spurt

With all these new projects under way, we’re going to need some extra hands around here:

We need your help finding and recruiting the perfect new additions to our team, so please give these postings a look and pass them on! (You can share all four at once, too. Just make sure your tweets/posts include “awesomest civic startup” and “my greatest life regret is that I don’t work at TurboVote,” please.)

  • Director of Government Services –  a senior posting for an operations/product designer to build, test, and launch ballot tracking tools and kickstart TurboVote’s future in government.
  • Director of Engagement – our partnerships team just keeps bringing in new schools! As their reach expands, they need a managing director to help manage the strategy and operations that support their outreach.
  • Government Outreach Coordinator, VIP – the Voting Information Project relies on building and maintaining relationships with state election offices and collaborating with them on data exports. If that sounds like fun, this is the job for you!
  • Researcher – Paul agreed to lead our VIP team, which means we need to replace him as the brains of the TurboVote application (I’m only partly kidding). More precisely, we need someone to track local elections across the country, keep our election office addresses up-to-date, and keep an eye on new election laws as they pass.

We still <3 our college partners

In addition to these new initiatives, we’re still working closely with colleges and universities, including a new partnership with Virginia21 to reach students at 13 of Virginia’s 15 public institutions of higher education. But I’ll try not to overload you fine folks with too much awesomeness in a single dose.

Happy voting!

Bonuses for superfans:

  1. Following @votinginfo on Twitter
  2. Watching my presentation with Kate Krontiris at the Personal Democracy Forum on how awesome local election administrators are.
  3. Sharing The Guardian’s coverage of our government expansion.