Our Windy City partners are organizing in full force, and nearly 1 out of every 4 UChicago students can vouch for their efforts.

University of Chicago student registration team

With guidance from the Institute of Politics, Anna Newport led a team of a dozen student volunteers, who in turn signed up more than 300 incoming freshmen with election reminders and all the materials they’ll need to participate in every election. This effort comes on the heels of an impressive effort that signed up more than 1,000 students in advance of the 2012 presidential election.

By taking advantage of fall freshmen orientation, the U of C’s efforts demonstrate why the schools that are most effective at using TurboVote to institutionalize voter engagement are the ones that act most strategically, not necessarily the ones that put in the most time or resources.

A University of Chicago student registers to vote

Newport and her team credit much of their success to the strategic placement of their TurboVote registration table. “We wanted to make sure students didn’t miss us, and we were fortunate enough to have a table stationed at the very end of the process.” She went on to say that, “if there was any advice I’d offer, it’d be to make sure you have enough computers and iPads on hand for the crowds!”