There may not be a statewide election this year in the Peach State, but in the University of North Georgia’s mission to institutionalize voter registration for its student body, that hasn’t dissuaded them from registering 150 of their students to vote. A collaboration between the Provost’s office, the Chief Information Officer and the VP of Student Affairs means that all UNG students logging on to school computers are presented with a pop-up that reminds them to sign up for TurboVote if they need to register to vote, need help requesting an absentee ballot, or simply wish to receive text and email reminders about upcoming elections.

This effort alone has garnered more than 150 new University of North Georgia students to register on the school’s TurboVote site, making North Georgia the first college in Georgia to sign up more than 12% of its student body! As institutions around the country set out to integrate voter registration into the class registration or freshmen orientation process by the fall of 2014, examples like this one serve as a reminder of the unlimited potential when collaborators work together to form innovative and effective solutions, to an issue that has plagued students far too long.

The post below was shared with a group of TurboVote implementers by University of North Georgia Professor Renee Bricker, Ph.D.

Dear TurboVote Colleagues,

At the University of North Georgia, a team that includes our Provost, our Chief Information Officer, and our VP of Student Affairs has collaborated to produce a pop-up window that appears when students log-in to the university network. Students are given a clear choice with an easy step to go on to TurboVote. Brandon Haag, UNG’s IT chief, developed the window below with language shared from TurboVote experience.

North Georgia's pop-up message

See our news release here:

We still have some work to do to encourage registration for reminders but are well on the way, taking best advantage of bottleneck periods.  Learning what other partners are doing is both an inspiration and source of some very practical tips for best success.