What if instead of standing in line on Election Day, you could vote from your sofa? What if everyone voted in every election, not just the presidential races? We think this would make democracy even more awesome, and if you agree, you should come help us make it happen. We’re looking for an experienced developer to found the Brooklyn branch of a distributed dev team as we make voting simpler.

TurboVote serves nearly 200,000 users, and we’ve only just started. We plan to reach every American (and someday the rest of the world too), and it will involve building REST APIs and client-side web apps, pair programming, test-driven development, and a healthy dose of devops. We’re looking for people who have experience building web applications and APIs in any language, but we strongly prefer open-source platforms.

Our system currently runs on Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Clojure, Datomic, Apache, Passenger, EC2, Chef, GitHub, Redis, and Jenkins, to name a few. As a TurboVote software developer, you’ll be joining a growing tech team and helping us design and build our next-generation voter registration, vote-by-mail, and voting information platform. So far, we’ve designed a better user experience for voting—now, we’re working to build out a platform capable of integrating voter engagement with, well, anything you can imagine.

We’re also getting to know local election offices so we can design tools to simplify election administration. And we’re perpetually testing, scaling, and imagining new features to improve voting for our users and partners. It’s a great combination of challenging technical problems that no one else has solved and a dedicated mission of increasing voter participation.

The position is full-time and based in Brooklyn. If you’re interested in working with us, please send your resume and cover letter to work@turbovote.org with the subject line “Will code for democracy.”