UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who voted in our April Fools’ election. Due to (ahem) irregularities in the voting procedure, the results have been discarded, and we’re in the process of reconciling with Turbo after all. 

To those of you who supported Clippy: we suppose the joke’s on us?

We want YOUR input on TurboVote’s new mascot!

Now, before you ask—Turbo’s great. Really great. But things just haven’t been working lately, so we’re splitting up. It’s on good terms, and there’s no rancor between us. You can keep inviting us to the same events. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out, and this is one of those times.

Anyway, we’re running a poll to determine TurboVote’s new mascot. Vote today! The finalists are:

Voting closes at midnight EST.

P.S. Turbo, if you’re reading this, can you please drop off our Peter Gabriel CDs at the office? Thanks.