Come spend your summer with TurboVote’s operations team!

TurboVote builds software that helps people vote. Our goal is to push voter turnout as high as it can reasonably go, and then get it a bit higher than that. Currently, 188,000 voters use TurboVote, and on any given Tuesday, anywhere between one hundred of them and tens of thousands of them have an election coming up.

The operations team is the technical side of the organization, and as a technical startup, we have a number of projects in motion at any given time. We want you to help us with one of them in a big way this summer.

Here are a few hats you could find yourself wearing:

  • Election API hacker: by the summer, we’ll have an election data API up and running. Come and hack on both internal- and external-facing tools, widgets, and gizmos using the API.
  • UI/UX consultant: our core services are always growing. Work closely with the developer team to help us make sure we design new features right the first time.
  • Election research/GIS wizard: elections can be hard to find and map. Help us work on ways to crowdsource election details and then efficiently input awkwardly-shaped election districts into our system.
  • User intervention optimizer: help us study what does and doesn’t work well in our communications with users.

This list is not exhaustive; feel free to ask about other areas that we’re working on. Better yet,  suggest something we haven’t even thought of yet.

If this sounds exciting, you should email a résumé, two references, what sorts of things you’d be interested in working on, and the coolest book/article/paper you’ve read recently (and why) to Paul Kominers at with the subject line “Will nerd for democracy”. Applications are due by March 15th, but we strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

This full-time position is located in Brooklyn. It comes with a $3000 stipend, honor & glory, the opportunity to hack democracy, stellar connections, and great recommendations. The internship will take place from June to mid-August, although we can be flexible with dates as necessary.

You’ll fit in if:

  • You like breaking things.
  • You have strong opinions.
  • You’ve looked at our site and already noticed several UI improvements that we could make.
  • You’re not-so-secretly an idealist.
  • You love of any of: trivia, bow ties, pizzazz, panache.