Come spend your summer at TurboVote! Why?

This past year, 188,000 voters started using TurboVote, including over 35,000 students at our 58 partner colleges. This coming year, we will lay the groundwork for working with all 5,000 colleges in America by the 2014 mid-term elections.

We’re looking for an intern dream team of the best college organizers, designers, geeks, and writers in America. This team will work to raise up student voices across the country and call on college administrators to provide every student with all the information and materials that he or she needs to vote in every election.

intern photoLast year’s dream team

This full-time position is located in Brooklyn. It comes with a $3000 stipend, glory, the chance to revolutionize democracy, stellar connections, and great recommendations. The internship will take place from June to mid-August.

Candidates should email a résumé, two references, and a short description of the role you would fill on the intern team to Matt Cordeiro at with the subject line “Will work for democracy”. Applications are due by March 15th, but applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

As this is a startup, you’ll get to wear a lot of hats:

  • Relationship expert: You’ll be reaching out to colleges and students from around the country to get them engaged in the work of institutionalizing voting on their campuses.  You’ll need the confidence and judgement to do so effectively.
  • Designer: You’ll be envisioning and creating material that will help the organizers and our partner schools.
  • Energizer: You’ll be rallying the team and our networks of local leaders to accomplish a very ambitious goal.


  • Ability to build rapport and effectively maintain relationships.
  • Experience in political organizing, leading an organization, editing and designing, or business development is a plus but not a requirement.
  • Strong organizational and writing skills.
  • Ability to follow through on commitments.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and the passion to turn vision into reality.
  • Genuine desire to innovate a better democracy.

We’re also looking for interns to do technical or analytical work. If you’re interested, send an email with the subject line “Will nerd for democracy” to