What a great year. With the presidential election over, I’m thrilled to share the news that 188,000 people joined TurboVote this election cycle.

For the rest of their lives, we’re going to help all 188,000 of these folks stay registered and voting in all of their elections, from school board to presidential.

And this number will only keep growing. We won’t stop until every voter in the country is signed up. Yes, you read that right. Everyone.

How will we get there?

TurboVote partnered with 58 colleges this year, and we’re going to continue partnering with schools until every college in America is providing every student with all of the materials and information that he or she needs to vote in every election.

But there’s only one way to serve every single American. TurboVote is going to sell our service directly to the approximately 13,000 local governments that actually run our elections and modernize the infrastructure of our democracy.

And I’m excited to announce that the Rita Allen Foundation has just awarded TurboVote a grant of $150,000 to kickstart the research and design phase of our government initiative.

Here’s our vision:

Throughout the country, you should be able to sign up online, one time and then stay registered to vote for the rest of your life. You should be able to have your ballots come automatically in the mail for every election (like they do in Oregon, where everyone votes by mail and participation is consistently high). You should get a reminder text to return your ballot, so you remember to go online, get to know the candidates and issues, and mail it back on time.

This is the voting system TurboVote is building. A modern system that puts as much online as possible, sends Netflix-like seamless mailings when we need to, and fits the way we live.

By modernizing our elections, we can make registering a voter (not just one time, but registering them for life) as easy as sharing a link. We can make sure our voter rolls are accurate and auditable. We can increase participation in all elections.

We’re doing this because we believe that if more Americans voted in more of their elections, more Americans would stay engaged in their communities all of the time. Politicians would be more accountable. And most important: we believe that if government is by all the people, then government will work for all the people.

That’s the type of democracy America deserves. We have the power to build the democracy we want and now is the time to start.