On Wednesday, TurboVote signed up our hundred thousandth voter. Awesome!

Many of those voters discovered us yesterday, on the first-ever National Voter Registration Day. The NVRD organizers created a new holiday for voting, and helped convince a lot of people to attend a holiday party hosted on our site.

Some of yesterday’s events: Google featured voter registration (with a link that led to TurboVote) on google.com in many states. Reddit sent readers to our partners at the Internet Votes campaign, FourSquare, Ben & Jerry’s, and some other cool folks tweeted TurboVote links and shout-outs.

On the school front, our 57 college partners signed up a ton of students—about 25,000 in the past two weeks alone. 21 schools signed up over 500 students each, six schools signed up over 1,000 students each, and nine schools have reached more than 20% of their respective student bodies.

I also need to thank the Sunlight Foundation, Craig Newmark and the Youth Engagement Fund—they all came through at the last minute with a boost of funding to support our tech infrastructure. Sunlight and Craig made it possible for us to hire additional engineering talent in anticipation of a certain upcoming election and YEF helped us cover the cost of a massive database server.

Our operations team is now hard at work making sure everyone gets their forms and reminders. While I’m tempted to sit back and watch our user counts, I’m starting to focus on what happens after Election Day—because this year is just the beginning for TurboVote.

Next year we’re not just planning to sign up every college in America, we’re planning to partner with local election authorities and offer TurboVote to ten entire counties, cities or towns as we pilot a version of the TurboVote service with a new back end built specifically for election administrators.

Stay tuned for a major update about our government initiative, and in the meanwhile, please pass on this job description for an Operations Associate. This person is going to help me make sure TurboVote’s internal operations are scalable.

We’ve come a long way since our Kickstarter campaign. Looking forward to launching the next phase of our adventure with you all.

This is what democracy looks like!

Seth (and the rest of the team)

PS: And in case you missed it, I was on NPR’s Marketplace Tech Report this Monday. Unfortunately, they cut my favorite line: “TurboVote is funded in part by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.”