As TurboVote has grown in leaps and bounds, the team has received some great feedback from our supporters and sponsors.  Check out what people are saying and let us know what you think of TurboVote on Twitter @TurboVote
“TCC encourages students to participate in the political process and have their voices heard at the polls. I am very supportive of our partnership with TurboVote because it makes the voting process much easier for our students and it will impact students’ awareness and participation.”
Jim Murdaugh- Tallahassee Community College President
“Over the years Eastern Michigan University’s Student Government has invested thousands in man hours, advertising and costly volunteer efforts to offer what Turbovote makes accessible in just  a couple of keystrokes.”
“We are confident that our participation in Turbovote will ensure that every student at EMU will have the tools necessary to vote in every election”.
Matthew Norfleet- Eastern Michigan University Student Body President
“With everything going on in Detroit right now, students need to have a voice”
“TurboVote helps amplify our voice in Lansing and DC by helping more students vote in more of their elections”
Adham Aljahmi- Government Chair of the Wayne State University Senate
“Social change comes from civic engagement, which starts with voting”
“Marygrove produces leaders seeking to effect social change.  For this reason, Marygrove is pleased to partner with TurboVote to enhance our students’ civic engagement in the electoral process.”
David Fike- Marygrove College President
“It’s good to see students develop the habit of voting, because you need an informed and engaged public to have a healthy democracy,”
“We are particularly interested in what TurboVote will do in the four years between the presidential elections, where much of democracy happens on the local level. By reminding people to vote, services such as TurboVote can help citizens engage more routinely in public life.”
Alberto Ibargüen- President and CEO of the Knight Foundation
“As community colleges we have a responsibility to encourage good citizenship and nothing is more  important to our democracy than the responsibility to be an informed citizen and vote.”
Larry Whitworth- President Emeritus Washtenaw Community College