This post describes how one of our Dream Team members used TurboVote at her local church for a voter registration drive!

On Sunday at Flatbush Tompkins Congregational Church, youth registered to vote for the first time, while long-time voters opted for TurboVote’s email reminders about upcoming elections. The congregation is largely comprised of Caribbean immigrants who are staunch voters, having witnessed the fight to gain access to that right.  With members who fled oppressive poverty and despotic politicians in other countries, and others who marched in the Civil Rights movement, the Flatbush Tompkins community knows the value of hardwon civic engagement.

I was moved when one woman showed me her voter registration card as she signed up for the service; I had never seen one before, and was truly humbled as she told me about her father’s struggles to vote in the Deep South in the 1940s. As I stood in my church parlor on Sunday, I felt like I was at the intersection of time periods. Surrounded by people exchanging stories of the Civil Rights Movement, I could almost believe that I was getting ready for a sit-in. However, the sound of tapping keyboards and beeping smartphones brought me back to the present as I watched people sign up for TurboVote online. This made me realize that regardless of how the tools we use for civic engagement change over time, our goal of empowering people remains the same.