This post is one in a new series looking at how TurboVote partners are implementing TurboVote and some thoughts on what has worked well for them.

The Harvard Institute of Politics was one of the first schools that partnered with TurboVote. Since most of our founding team graduated from Harvard, it was great to gain Harvard as a partner early on.  Below is a story from Laura Simolaris the Director of National Youth Engagement at Harvard’s Institute of Politics.

On just one day last summer, one-third of their freshman class signed up for TurboVote, capitalizing on a well-known bottleneck created during the class registration process.

Rather than fan out tables at various places on campus, the team at IOP strategically placed a TurboVote table, complete with laptops, at the jam-packed spot where freshmen would be turning in their class registration cards.

This year, in addition to expanding the work on Study Card Day to upperclassmen as well as freshmen, Harvard will use data gathered from their sponsored to TurboVote users to encourage friendly competition between dormitory social committees.

Harvard utilized student bottlenecks to make it easier for new students to register to vote.  Strategies like this help our partners register more new users and create a more civically engaged student body.