We were recently featured on Mashable in an article discussing TurboVote and voting. The article has some great insights as to what TurboVote is trying to accomplish and how it plans on changing the voting system.

In the article, our CEO Seth gave some thoughts on how the current voting system works and how TurboVote improves it. Seth starts by talking about how most people approach any issue.
“When you want to do anything else, you start online — except for voting,”

Seth goes on to describe how TurboVote sees the future of voting- simple and seamless.
“I think the future of voting is seamless mail-in voting. The ballot will come automatically in the mail, you’ll get reminder texts, you open your laptop and look at the ballot, do your research and mail it in.”

TurboVote is making voting easy so all you have to worry about is who to vote for!
“We want to be a single place where users can sign up and then only have to worry about who they’re going to vote for.”

Check out the article on Mashable: TurboVote Wants to Be the Netflix of Voter Registration

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