Come spend your summer at TurboVote! Why?

Because if voting were easier, more people would do it. And if more people voted, we could reinvigorate local and primary elections, politicians would be held more accountable, our leadership would be more representative, and our democracy would work better.

TurboVote makes voting as easy as renting a DVD from Netflix. We provide free email and text message reminders for all elections and send users completed voter registration forms and absentee ballot request forms by mail, along with addressed, stamped envelopes.

Do you want to build in a few months what million-dollar corporations and governments can’t (or won’t) build? We have. And we will. TurboVote is a small team that builds big things. We plan to reach 1 million voters through partnerships with universities and nonprofits, but with your help we can reach many, many more by offering our service directly to communities. Come help us design and build a platform where individuals can get their friends and family engaged in elections. Teachers engaging students. Clergy registering parishoners. Neighbors voting with neighbors.

By fall 2012, sharing democracy with your community will be as easy as sharing a link. And that’s a BFD.

This full-time position is located at our Brooklyn headquarters. It comes with a stipend, glory, the chance to revolutionize democracy, stellar connections, and (assuming you aren’t extremely lame) great recommendations. Candidates should email a résumé to Sam Novey at with the subject line “Will work for democracy.”

As this is a startup, you’ll get to wear a lot of hats:

  • Scout: finding new organizations, networks, communities, and individuals who could benefit from making TurboVote available to their members
  • Charmer: building good relationships with other champions of democracy, soliciting feedback from users, and teaching communities to LOVE voting
  • Innovator: finding ways to make the service better and working with our development team to build and test them
  • Energizer: inspiring partners to go the extra mile to help their constituents vote


  • Ability to build rapport and effectively maintain relationships
  • Experience in political organizing, customer service, or business development is a plus
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and the passion to take a lead and see it through
  • Genuine desire to innovate a better democracy