Yup, we’re hiring again! So why is our team awesome? And who are we looking for? I’m glad you asked:

If voting were easier, more people would do it. And if more people voted, we could reinvigorate local and primary elections, politicians would be held more accountable, our leadership would be more representative, and our democracy would work better.

TurboVote makes voting as easy as renting a DVD from Netflix. We provide free email and text message reminders for all elections and send users completed voter registration forms and absentee ballot request forms by mail, along with addressed, stamped envelopes.

Through partnerships with the Knight Foundation, Voto Latino, and the League of Young Voters, we expect to reach millions of voters in the 2012 election cycle – and we need help making the leap to scale as smooth as possible.

To do that, Democracy Works is seeking a data researcher to help our team run and grow turbovote.org.

Do you want to build in a few months what million-dollar corporations and governments can’t (or won’t) build? We have. And we will. TurboVote is a small team that builds big things.

This full-time position comes with health insurance. We prefer candidates who can work with us in our Brooklyn office, but will consider highly qualified candidates from outside NYC. Candidates should email a résumé to Kathryn Peters at work@turbovote.org with the subject line “Will work for democracy.”

As this is a startup, you’ll get to wear a lot of hats:

  • Data manager: there are 3,810 election jurisdictions in the US, and you’ll get to know a great deal about all of them, from registration deadlines to precinct boundaries.
  • Charmer: not all this information is available online, so you’ll get to befriend many an election official and staffer
  • Destroyer: testing new updates and features, helping the development team break the system so users don’t have to
  • Fixer: helping track down lost forms, answer user questions, and pitch in on the help desk
  • Communicator: contributing to the TurboVote Twitter account and team blog


  • A passion for getting details exactly right and an exceptional ability to organize information
  • Experience in academic research, data collection, or other large-scale information projects
  • An analytical mind and demonstrated ability to learn new things quickly
  • Familiarity with politics, campaigns, and/or issue organizing
  • Genuine desire to innovate a better democracy